Thursday, October 18, 2007


Crocheted Army Floppy Hat

I also made an army boy amigurumi

This is Cooper.

I am currently working on this pattern for a childs army floppy hat.

I initially made the hat above for my grandson Darcy who is 5, but it fits my grandson Cooper who is 2.

This proves the need to measure your subject or use a sizing chart instead of guessing.

You learn something new all the time.
I will be posting the pattern soon.

This is Darcy.

This is the hat for Darcy.


Anonymous said...

I am always looking for patterns online for one of my kids. Low and behold I come across the Floppy Army Hat fell in love with it. Wanting to make it for my 18 month old grandson. Oh how I do love the Army boy amigurumi that matches the floppy hat. I've looked for over 5 hours today for the pattern. Would you please be so kind to share that pattern with me. I know he would love it. And I know I will love making it for him. Your project is mangnificent, should I be so lucky to crochet so good. I am 66 sitting in the house with COPD under oxygen 24/7. Had cataracts in both eyes along with a cyst removed. Most of my day is either knitting or crocheting. Just about ready to give up crocheting when I come across this pattern. As I don't think I'm that good at crocheting. Would love to try just one more time. Please and thank you.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

What nice things you have to say. I will be back to supply you with some more information in the next 24 hours. In the mean time you take care. Thank You. Cathy.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I'm back again. firstly here is my link to the boys army hat pattern.

I've been looking on line for a simple doll pattern and the best one I can suggest is this doctor who doll pattern.

The adjustments you will need to do will be to make the soldier doll in army colours, using my doll as a guide or this link for a guide too.

Don't worry about the ears and clothing for the Doctor Who doll pattern, when the doll is made up in the army colour's it will look like an army doll/soldier. Make the hat last, so you can try it on for size when making it.The facial feature's can be sewn on and you can use buttons for the eye's. I hope this helps you a bit.
Cheers Cathy.