My Baby Hat Patterns

This is a page for free crochet baby hat patterns, intended for quick search results for your favorite free crochet hat pattern. 


Baby Daughters Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Baby Daughters Free Crochet Hat Patterns By Cats Rockin Crochet

Baby Kisses-Crochet Baby Hat
Baby Kisses by Cats Rockin Crochet
Easy Textured Hat Pattern-For baby
An Easy Textured Hat Pattern For Baby
Baby Rails Free Crochet Pattern 

Little Fans Down Under-Beanie Babe-Free Crochet Pattern

 The Shy Butterfly-Baby Beanie-Free Crochet Pattern
Free Crochet Pattern-The Baby Scale
Little Hourglass - Beanie Babe- Free Crochet Pattern
Crochet Little Sound Waves Beanie Babe Hat. Free Pattern
Little Cluster Beanie Babe Hat. Free Crochet Pattern
 Little X’s Beanie Hat. Free Crochet Pattern
Little Framed Fans- Beanie Babe- Free Crochet Pattern
Ribbed Look Baby Beanie
Little Twister Baby Beanie
Quick Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie
 Quick Crochet 3 to 6 month old Baby Beanie


Patricia Lewis said...

Thankyou for sharing these patterns I especially love the Koalas :))

Cathy Wood said...

Thank you Patricia xxoo

Anonymous said...

would really like the patterns for
the butterfly beanie hat and the matching matinee coat if possible?

thanks you

Cathy Wood said...

Click on the link and you will go to all the patterns you asked for, the link is within the name, cheers Cat.

Anonymous said...

These hats are adorable! I look forward to making a few of them for Christmas gifts. Thank you for posting the patterns for free!!!